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leguan legune

This a website for a non-profit iguana and lizard rescue organization based in York, Pennsylvania. Leguan Legune was established to rescue, rehabilitate, & rehome lizards & other small animals, and the best part, they are a 100% no-kill rescue shelter.


so chic sweets

This a website for a local cupcake/cake company.


mana pet registry

This is a pet registry for the Medlock Park Neighborhood. It allows people to register and create profiles for thier pet. In the event that someone looses their dog, they can issue an alert from the website, and have an image of thier pet displayed on the front page of the pet registry, as well as the front page of the website. The pets' image and pet details are also sent via email to all registered users of the site.


athens pizza house

This is a potential redesign created for Athens Pizza House. Haven't tried their pizza? You should...


ruffus rescue

This is a potential redesign created for Ruffus Pet Rescue, a great rescue organization in Atlanta where we adopted one of our dogs from.


water color stone

This is a potential redesign of a landscaping company website.


my old website

At one time, my website looked like this!


potential druid hills highschool alumni site

A long time ago, I had intentions of making an alumni site for my highschool. This is what it was going to look like :)