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This is a code and script library of useful routines in mostly JavaScript and ASP. I compiled it together so that I would have many of the resources I use often in a central, easy to locate spot.

       Database Connection Routine
     SQL Queries
            Insert Record
            Delete Record
            Update Record
            Select Record(s)
            Get Count of Record(s)

Test Stream / File System Object (FSO)
       Read The Contents of Text File
       Write To A Text File
       Create/Delete A Text File
       Get Random Line From Text File

       Special Characters

       Include a File
     Send Mail
            CDONTS Mail Object
            CDO Mail Object
            JMail Mail Object
       Format Dates & Times
            Set & Retrieve Cookie

     Controlling Pop Up Windows
            Open Window
            Close Window
            Moving/Resizing Windows
     Forms & Controls
            Quiz/Score Calculator
            If/Else Conditions
            Make Checkbox Required
       Image Rollover/Image Preload
       Dynamic Image Slideshow