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about andrea greengard

Thanks for choosing to learn more about me. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and went to Druid Hills Highschool, the same highschool my dad graduated from in 1969. I have lived in Georgia all my life, and doubt I will ever leave. I certainly couldn't move further north; the winters here are already too cold for me some days!

I have been an animal lover all my life. I own dogs, cats and lizards (oh my).

I am a fairly private person, which is why I DIDN'T have an "about me" page for a long while. It's probably also why the picture to the left is a bit hard to make out :) Hey, in today's world, who can blame me.

To know more, feel free to connect with me on Facebook via the link below, or go back to the main page and use the form at the bottom to send me an email.